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A Christian nonprofit founded in 1998 by Kurt and Sabrina Feldmeyer

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Serving Jesus & Families in Crisis

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Kurt Sings “Oh Holy Night” for Christmas 2017

  Kurt sings “Oh Holy Night” for Christmas 2017 at Cody Creek Chapel with Rev. Hagan McClellen.    Read More →

Morgan and Ashlynn sing for Christmas 2017

Morgan and Ashlynn sing for Christmas 2017 at Cody Creek Chapel with Rev. Hagan McClellen.  Read More →

New Book! Ordinary Glory

  Ordinary Glory: Finding Grace in the Commonplace By Dane Fowlkes, Ph.D. Purchase Here   With eloquence, candor, and simplicity, Dane Fowlkes turns the pages of his own story and allows the reader to peak over his shoulder and into his heart. In these spiritual and autobiographical reflections, this celebrated communicator relates carefully chosen experiences from... Read More

New Book! Holy Spirit Party

    Holy Spirit Party: Releasing a Powerful Gospel in Bold Love – Anytime, Anywhere By Jonathan Fawcett Purchase Here When was the last time you related ministry to… fun? College campuses are international mission fields where the nations have flocked to become the leaders of the future. Approximately 4% of college students are believers in Christ.... Read More

New Book! In Union and Loved

In Union and Loved: Marriage Ceremony By Jonathan Fawcett Purchase Here Weddings are a slice of heaven for the bride and groom. Many claim it is the best day of their life. And it certainly should be one of the best! But the wedding is just the beginning. Life was designed to be a continual journey of going from glory to glory. In other words, if the amount of focus and energy... Read More

Music: Via Dolorosa

   Via Dolorosa:  A Song About the Crucification of Jesus Christ http://salemoutreach.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/01-Via-Dolorosa.m4a   Performed by Kurt Feldmeyer By Billy Sprague and Miles Borop, Meadowgreen Music  Read More →

Music: Midnight Cry

   Midnight Cry – A Song About the Rapture of the Church http://salemoutreach.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/02-Midnight-Cry.m4a   Performed by Kurt Feldmeyer By Chuck and Gregg Day, Trail Music  Read More →

Fulfilling the Feasts of the Lord Part 1 of 2

By Morgan Feldmeyer What comes to your mind when you think of Jewish holy days? If you are like most people, Hanukah, the festival of lights, is probably the first holiday to come to mind. Or maybe you recognize Purim which is when Jews remember their deliverance from the law of Haman as recorded in the book of Ester. But did you know that there are particular holidays that... Read More

Fulfilling the Feasts of the Lord Part 2 of 2

By Morgan Feldmeyer In Colossians, the Apostle Paul said, “a festival or a new moon or sabbaths…are a shadow of things to come,” (Colossians 2:16-17). In this quote, Paul shows that the fulfillment of the festivals (referred to as the seven feasts of the Lord) explain what will shortly take place in the future. In my last post, we learned that more than half of the feasts... Read More

Franklin Graham: Prepare for Jesus Christ’s Return

By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter | Sep 11, 2017 1:55 PM The numerous hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and other natural phenomena affecting the world today should serve as a reminder that people need to be prepared for the return of Jesus Christ, said evangelist Franklin Graham. “Wildfires raging on the West Coast. Violent hurricanes, one after the other,... Read More

September Brings Apocalyptic Month of Disasters

By Strange Sounds  Sept. 12, 2017 September has been an apocalyptic month of natural disaster going out of control so far around the world. Two major hurricanes, major earthquake swarms, unprecedented solar storm episodes, wildfires running wild across the world, anomalous water receding. What else will go wrong next? Hurricane Harvey just broke the all-time record for... Read More

Did the Hurricanes Distract Us from a Major Sign?

  By DAN CELIA  Charisma News 1:30PM EDT 9/13/2017 I believe that one of the signs of the end-times will come from the economic side and involve a global monetary system. I believe that a one-world currency will propel a one-world government and usher in the end times. My reason for believing this is not because of some deep theological reflection, but... Read More

North Korea Warns USA to Prepare for “Greatest Pain” Ever

By Express, Published September 12, 2017 North Korea has warned the United States to prepare for the “greatest pain” the nation has ever suffered as Kim Jong-un rejects UN sanctions.   Pyongyang rejected a UN Security Council resolution to slap sanctions on North Korea following its sixth nuclear test and ramped up tensions with its latest threat sparking... Read More

Hurricane Harvey Related to the Eclipse of August 21st?

By Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries This pastor explains the layers upon layers of interesting signs, dates, festivals and once-in-a-lifetime occurrences that many believe all point to the coming of Christ.  Learn how Hurricane Harvey was related to the Eclipse of August 21st and what is the next sign to come in September. No one knows the day or time but we... Read More

Preparing for Disasters

  Do NOT decide to “ride out the storm” If you have received warning that a hurricane is coming, evacuate immediately. Video your property and belongings Be sure to capture the make, model and serial number of each piece where applicable. If your home is damaged or destroyed your insurance provider will ask you these questions before issuing a reimbursement. Gather... Read More

Video: “Be the Answer”

By Kurt Feldmeyer Pastor Kurt encourages us to act on the prompting of the Holy Spirit when asked to bless others and shares an example of how his friends became an answer to prayer in another person’s life.      Read More →

Video: Healing Testimonies and the Power of Psalm 91

By Kurt Feldmeyer Kurt shares testimonies of how his family prayed Psalm 91 over sickness and disease and witnessed answered prayers including a friend who immediately woke from a coma after three days.  Read More →

Alarm Over North Korea’s EMP Potential

By F. Michael Maloof 2/9/2017 WASHINGTON – Alarms once again are being sounded over North Korea’s capability to launch satellites that could carry a nuclear weapon and be detonated at a high altitude over America, creating an extremely powerful electromagnetic pulse that would knock out the nation’s vulnerable electrical grid system, according to a report from Joseph... Read More

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