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Bringing Home a New Daughter from Ukraine

Sab and Michelle compressed

Sabrina and Michelle at the airport

After hosting a successful fundraiser, the SON was honored to be asked to accompany Michelle Binkley to Ukraine to help bring home their new daughter.  Sabrina Feldmeyer travelled with Michelle for 17 days assisting her with the long list of requirements necessary to adopt their daughter and bring her safely back to the United States.

The ladies attended a going away party at the orphanage and were also able to play with some children at another ministry who work to ease the transition of children out of the orphanage and into some basic life skills training.  These kids loved the games and toys that the SON provided.  Once they picked up Michelle’s daughter from the orphanage they traveled seven hours by train to the nation’s capital, Kiev.  In Kiev they stayed in the home of a missionary who works for Orphans Promise, another international ministry serving orphans and adoptive families.  They worked on securing a new American passport, birth certificates, travel visas, and health screenings in preparation for their return flight home to America.  Of course, they also went shopping!  They brought home beautiful Christmas ornaments for everyone and about a dozen Christian books written in Russian.  Michelle’s daughter had never seen the big city of Kiev before and they also had fun exploring some nearby sites.

Unfortunately, the trip was extended due to some new health screening requirements that were recently enacted.  The Binkley family was the first American family affected by these new laws and their requirements caught the adoption agency by surprise.  As a result, the Binkleys will now have to stay in Ukraine for an additional two months and are literally trapped there until the test results come in.  You can read more about their plight here.

This was a true adventure for these two moms and your prayers for continued favor, wisdom, discernment and protection are appreciated.

You can read more details about the Binkley family’s adoption process at their blog, Pursuing Abundant Life.

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