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Meet Morgan Feldmeyer, Our New Writer

Salem Outreach Network would like to introduce our newest writer, Morgan Feldmeyer.  She is 17 years old and is a freshman at Liberty University studying for a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Marketing Management.  Writing, singing, and leading... Read More

Why Christians Should Vote in This Election

By Morgan Feldmeyer The two political lions roar and the audience hiss, as the mediators of the 2016 Presidential Debates act like lion tamers trying in vain to hold the candidates’ attention. Yet these lions will not be tamed, which is why the American... Read More

An Inauguration Plea to the Masses

  By Dane Fowlkes, Ph.D. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.  “If anyone says, ‘I love God,’ and hates his brother,... Read More

The Reliability of the Bible

By Morgan Feldmeyer Elmer Towns says, “The best way to demonstrate that the Bible is the Word of God is to put God’s promises to the test.” [1]  Upon testing the validity of the Bible’s teachings, I have discovered many arguments that attest... Read More

Christians in USA Being Added to ISIS Kill Lists

By Michael Snyder, July 21, 2016 On Wednesday, I was contacted by someone on an ISIS kill list.  Of course there are probably lots of people out there that believe that “ISIS is after them”, but this particular individual and his wife were actually... Read More

Revival Fire Sparks New Wave of Awakenings

Nearly 3,000 people gathered in a high school football stadium in Mingo County, West Virginia, during what has been labeled the West Virginia Awakening. (Wes Wilson Photography | © iStockphoto/Lisa Thornberg)     By Jennifer LeClaire God’s... Read More

Churches Face New Scrutiny From Anti-Discrimination Laws

BY TOM OLAGO JULY 11, 2016 Todd Starnes in an analysis for FoxNew.com recently asked the question that may soon be on the mind of many church leaders:  “Is a church a place of public accommodation and, if so,  are congregations required to... Read More

Ken Ham: Ark Encounter Is Christian Message to the World; 7,000 Attend Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

BY STOYAN ZAIMOV , CHRISTIAN POST REPORTER   The Ark Encounter, the life-sized Noah’s Ark theme-park attraction, held its official ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday in Grant County, Kentucky, ahead of its grand opening on Thursday, July... Read More

Iowa: ‘Some’ churches must comply with transgender bathroom laws

By Todd Starnes Published July 05, 2016 FoxNews.com     Is a church a place of public accommodation and if so – are congregations required to follow anti-discrimination laws regarding gender and sexual orientation? That’s the issue... Read More

Government Claims Power to Control Content of Sermons

By Bob Unruh ‘This is something that should be deeply troubling to every American’ The Iowa Civil Rights Commission is being sued for claiming it has the right to control the content of church services that are “open to the public.” The... Read More

Lessons in Parenting From the Amish

    By Morgan Feldmeyer Norman Rockwell’s classic depiction of the American family, consisting of a married couple raising their mirror-image-children is virtually nonexistent. Today, the American family has become, “more ethnically, racially,... Read More

The Nearly Unbelievable Truth of What America’s Become

Today’s America is a far cry from the nation the Founding Fathers envisioned. (John Sonderman/Flickr/Creative Commons) By SHANE IDLEMAN  11:00AM EDT 5/30/2016 Newsweek magazine, on December 27, 1982, in an article entitled, “How the Bible... Read More

A Great Falling Away Is Afoot, and Apostasy Reigns Supreme

  BY JENNIFER LECLAIRE If they hate Jesus, they’ll hate you—and they certainly hate Jesus. I’m talking about the American Left and its unyielding war on Christianity. And so is my good friend Matt Barber. In his fiery new book, Hating... Read More

Why Won’t Many Preachers Talk About Hell?

By MICHAEL SNYDER When was the last time you heard a sermon about hell? Just think about that for a moment. Once upon a time in America, preachers all across the land regularly unleashed fiery sermons that directly confronted people with the reality... Read More

Can Dead Dreams Come Back to Life?

  I was recently in prayer, and I began to think about some of the things I had not accomplished that I set out to do in the early days of the ministry.  In the beginning, I felt that I was to be an evangelist.  After graduating from seminary... Read More

Film Investigates Whether Miracles Happen Today

Ex-Pastor and Filmmaker Investigates Whether God Is Performing Real-Life Miracles — and Here’s What He Discovers May. 23, 2016 11:18am Billy Hallowell When filmmaker, writer and former pastor Elijah Stephens set out to try and “bridge... Read More

Sure Ways to Spot a Fake Move of God

By Ryan LeStrangeat charismanews.com( © iStockphoto/fergregory) Stories of extraordinary signs and wonders, miracles, healings and supernatural breakthroughs are normal in the Bible. Time and time again, angels brought heavenly communication and reinforcement... Read More

Teenager Touched by Worship

No More Hollow Words and Empty Gestures By Morgan Feldmeyer Matthew West’s song, “The Motions,” says, “I don’t want to go through the motions. I don’t want to go one more day, without Your [God’s] all consuming passion inside of me. I don’t... Read More

What is Eternal Life?

Someone might say, “Eternal life is living forever.” But that’s not it. No one ceases to exist when they die. Everyone lives forever in either heaven or hell. “Well then, eternal life must be living forever in heaven instead of hell.” That’s... Read More

Kurt’s Story: How a Railroad Spike Saved My Life

During Kurt’s early adulthood he was filled with a sense of loss and confusion. He was feeling disillusioned with life due to overwhelming college debt, the unexpected divorce of his parents, a string of broken relationships and a general lack... Read More

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