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Did the Hurricanes Distract Us from a Major Sign?


By DAN CELIA  Charisma News 1:30PM EDT 9/13/2017

I believe that one of the signs of the end-times will come from the economic side and involve a global monetary system. I believe that a one-world currency will propel a one-world government and usher in the end times. My reason for believing this is not because of some deep theological reflection, but simply logic.

We seem to be moving ever closer toward a currency—whether it be electronic or virtual paper—that will be widely accepted by most developed nations. Certainly, we are on the brink of what the International Monetary Fund has been pushing for the past six years. Once again, we see the arguments for moving to a one-world currency grow even louder.

So, how do we get from a one-world currency to a one-world government? The leap from one to the other will be extremely logical and a very easy step for those who support this kind of system.

A reminder of this came on Tuesday, as we saw the German constitutional court express reservations about the authority of the European Central Bank (ECB) imposing its form of quantitative easing (QE, or continued bond buying). The court said “it is doubtful whether the QE decision is compatible with the prohibition of monetary financing.”

Under European law, the ECB is not allowed to buy bonds directly from governments. However, it is allowed to purchase them on the secondary market, which is how they get around the law.

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