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Family of Four Find Themselves Homeless


For Rachel and her three children Rick (20), Stephanie (19), and Cindy (16) the move from their home due to foreclosure was the last thing they wanted to do, but it was necessary to bring closure to a long and painful journey.  It was not difficult to miss the fact that their father struggled with alcohol addiction.  Police visits at all hours of the day and night to remove him from the home, court appearances and restraining orders where part of their chaotic life.  Eventually the family was abandoned by their father for another women who shared the same addiction and the marriage ended in divorce.


Fortunately for them Rev. Joe Giamo, a neighbor and SON board member, stepped in with his wife Julie to give them help.  Joe and Julie helped Rachel and their children finalize the foreclosure procedure, put all of their belongings into storage and move out of their home.  However, due to the stress of  the last several years, Rachel needed to seek medical treatment and is unable to care for the children.  For the time being they are staying in the Giamo’s home trying to pick up the pieces and make plans for the future.  Her family is praying for her quick recovery so she can resume work and begin the process of starting over.

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Even though the Giamo’s have three children of their own, they have volunteered to take care of the daily needs of Rachel’s children.  However, they need our help raising money to move into an apartment of their own.  Donations will be used to provide the security deposit, first and last month’s rent, household supplies and food.  We anticipate their short-term need to be $6,500.

If you would like to help Rachel and her three children please click the link above to donate by credit card and write “Families in Crisis Fund” in the note section.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, concern and prayers for this wonderful family.


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