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Guns in Church? Alabama Considering New Law

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By Caitlin Burke 

Churches in Alabama could soon be offering protection for their members–through security teams.

Rep. Lynn Greer proposed legislation that would offer guidelines, training and protection for church security teams. The measure is called the Alabama Church Protection Act and it’s already pre-filed for the legislative session in February.

Pastor Adam Brewer of Glory Fellowship Baptist Church in Jasper, Alabama launched a security team last year, but it was unclear what would be the best way to proceed. 

“We want people to come worship with us so it’s an issue for us, how far do you go to love the people who are here?” said Brewer. 

“To love our kids by protecting them, to protect our members who worship here, to protect them verses giving the appearance that we don’t love our community and welcome them,” he continued.

The Alabama Church Protection Act establishes exactly how churches should go about implementing security.

The bill states that designated members would carry firearms after going through training with the Alabama Peace Officers Training Commission.

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