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Local Family Trapped in Ukraine

Binkley family compressed

Sam and Mich100_5658elle Binkley of East Bend, NC saw a picture of a little girl from Ukraine in desperate need of a family and fell in love.  She is now 14 years old and is ready to start her new life in America.  The Binkleys have been working for six months to bring their new daughter home.  With just hours to go before boarding the plane from Ukraine to Greensboro the Binkleys received the shock of a lifetime.  They were informed by the US Embassy of a new health testing requirement that will keep them in Ukraine for an additional eight weeks!  Apparently, the Binkleys are the first American family to have to comply with this new law in Ukraine.  Unfortunately, the adoption agency was caught by surprise.

They are now trapped in Ukraine for two months!

Through no fault of their own, the Binkleys are now faced with a monumental challenge.  Having completed the adoption, Sam is moving to Ukraine to take care of their daughter while Michelle stays at home with their three other children.  They continue to work toward a quicker solution while they deal with the enormous financial burden of two households, extra travel expenses, and additional health care costs with no income.

Michelle recently commented, “This is a real need and we need real help.  We’re looking at a long road ahead.”  Will you please consider helping this local family and help become an answer to their prayers?

How You Can Help

1.  Spread the word by sharing how Salem Outreach Network is helping orphans and families in crisis. Binkley Summary

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Download Adobe File:  Binkley Summary

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