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IRS Approval

Salem Outreach Network is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt, Christian, nonprofit ministry approved to accept tax deductible donations. By donating to the ministry you acknowledge that you have only received intangible religious services and have not received anything of monetary value in exchange for your donation.

Operating Expenses

We are a volunteer-driven organization with a part-time staff of two.  We pledge to keep our operating expenses low with an eye on making the maximum impact possible.

Commitment to Transparency

It is the core value of the leadership of Salem Outreach Network to remain transparent to the public in all financial dealings concerning the receipt of donations and the use of ministry assets. We believe that it is a sacred trust to lead a nonprofit ministry on behalf of others. We do not take our donors for granted knowing that they have hundreds of other worthy ministries and secular nonprofits to chose from in need of support. Integrity before God and man is crucial and demands a full and public accounting of that sacred trust between you, the donor, and the people we serve.

Gifts to Individual Families

Donors are permitted to state a preference of how their contribution is used and request that it support a particular family that has been approved by the SON in a memo accompanying the donation.  In order to maintain the integrity of the charitable intent of the ministry and the donor’s appropriate tax deduction, the SON will maintain full authority regarding the disposition of all donations and how they are to be disbursed to families in crisis.  We will help defray adoption related expenses including: adoption agency fees, social worker fees for a home study, legal fees, travel costs and related expenses, and medical costs for the child after they become a legal member of the family.  In the event that a family receives more in donations than their stated need, any excess donations will go to provide for adoption and/or crisis care grants for other families.  These administrative procedures are stated in accordance with IRS guidelines and Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) standards.

Gift-In-Kind Donations

Please contact us if you would like to donate tangible items and we will make arrangements for pick up and delivery to those that need your gift. Salem Outreach Network does not place a value on tangible items you donate. It is up to the donor to have the item appraised for your tax records before you release it to the ministry. We will issue a letter simply listing the items donated and will mail it to you before the end of January every year.

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